The Work


Hydra Frame's software development mission is to create innovation for our clients that is both comprehensive and simple.

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It’s simple: you’ve got ideas and we want to make them a reality for you and your clients. Because a good idea can only become a great one when it's realized. Learn More

Who We Are

We’re an equal opportunity partner. That means we work with a diverse groups of clients, including:

  • Healthcare advertising agencies
  • Directly with healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Strategic consultant companies

Why partner with Hydra Frame?

We’re not just another digital studio. Our expertise can motivate your brand forward whether navigating through the complicated of world of digital innovation in healthcare, educating a sales force or strategically positioning a product. We thrive on creating ideas that move the financial needle, even within a limited box.

With offices in NYC and London, we don’t just say global - we are global. Our worldwide view allows for deployment in any language in any market.

Our clients include:

  • AgencyRx
  • Bayer
  • CDM London
  • CDM Munich
  • Concentric Pharma Advertising
  • Flashpoint Medica
  • Harrison & Star
  • Hospicom
  • inVentiv Health Communications
  • McCann-Erickson Healthcare
  • Novartis
  • Publicis Healthcare
  • Publicis Life Brands Medicus
  • Publicis Life Brands Resolute
  • Purohit Navigation
  • Red Door Communication
  • ROCK medical communications
  • QD Healthcare
  • Solaris Healthcare
  • Strategic Consultants International
  • Sudler & Hennessey
To learn more about our current products and ideation model please contact:
Marcelo Vita
Phone: (646) 226-3483
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