Hydra Frame's software development mission is to create innovation for our clients that is both comprehensive and simple to deploy.


Software Lineup

Sales gaming and education platform

Tap into a comprehensive gaming environment for your sales force with Salezplay, a dynamic training platform designed to teach, test and engage them while reinforcing messages in a competitive and stimulating environment.

Salezplay represents the latest innovation to come out of our creative ideation studio and has already been successfully leveraged by several teams to great results.

  • Fully realized 3D gaming environment
  • Scalable CMS allows clients unprecedented access to real time data
  • In-depth metrics and reporting that are relevant and usable
  • Multi-platform delivery (iOS, Android, desktop and web browser)
  • Competitive gaming environment brings out the best in your sales professionals

Next Gen Certification & Accreditation

For years, live training has been augmented with digital innovation. Exzam is the true next step in that inevitable process. The platform is designed to be nimble enough to deliver copious amounts of both training and testing information. It allows for fast deployment of training information in a secure environment.

So whether you are an accredited program that is looking to certify an HCP, or a sales team that is looking to train and validate your sales professionals for the field, Exzam is worth a long look. Put Hydra Frame to the test and set up a meeting.

  • Fully integrated software for every training challenge, from learning, testing (retesting), and certification
  • Proprietary data capture makes it easy to add, alter and track training modules throughout the process
  • Secure environment ensures that training and testing requirements are met and exceeded
  • Nimble enough to be utilized for small internal training needs, or multi-lingual global training challenges

2-way communication between reps and HCPs

Fact: The average sales rep visit is 90 seconds and in some cases reps are simply not granted access at all.

Tandem 2way responds to the changing landscape of healthcare by allowing for simple, trackable and targeted sharing of key branded messages between sales representatives and their HCPs. The difference is the ability to send incredibly targeted information that doctors need with our proprietary tagging and dashboard solutions.

  • Smart two-way platform allows branded messaging to be shared in an innovative and compliant manner
  • Use of proprietary Mobile Meta Tags allows for sharp targeted messaging
  • Powered by Hydra Tentacles' dashboard, sales leadership get access to key analytics from both the field and the doctor’s office
  • Get Tandem Certification for tutorials and seamless implementation within the sales organization

The power behind Hydra Frame solutions

Behind every Hydra Frame product there's a powerful database system, developed and scaled over the years.

Connecting to the backend engine is a flexible, customizable series of dashboards, parsing the data and displaying useful metrics.

  • Visually rich pages, including full metrics, charts and analytics
  • Access to content displayed in other Hydra Frame products, with full editing controls
  • Launch and maintain multiple initiatives and products at once
  • Message center with pre-populated distribution lists allows managers to easily connect to users based on metrics
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